Back in 2002 Barcelona, Guillem Cateura went to his friend house, Sebastian Elichiry, looking for him with an extra ticket to Razzmataz Clubs, to see the presentation of The Bells (Jeff Mills song) but insted of his friend. he found his young brother Ramiro, who didn't doubt on accept the invitation... That day both, a huge profesional & personal relationship was born.... a bastard child that months later they will name as "FUCKING TARADOS"

The duo experimented with Techno & House music with a couple of months, producing tracks and recording several tapes of heavy weight techno on four deck mixes, taking them to their first massives parties and shows. But it wasnt till 2004/2005 when Ramiro recieve the visit of his two best friends from Argentina, The Groovedealers (Milo Shnitman a.k.a. Daleduro! and Gonzalo Arzua a.k.a. Gone!) they make influence to them directly, making the duo take a different direction, based on broken beat taste, more powerfull in the next coming years. By this time Guillem & Ramiro decided to focus their music research on dj mixing techniques, one take the digital path, learning all about cd players and sampling , while the other take the analog way of vinyl, becoming a expert on Scratch & Turntablism. With help of their friend, the huge music producer Paulo Agostinelli a.k.a Sector 7G, they created their first Nu Skool Breakbeat tape, a hot mix of the best growing breaks and a new scene, make it posible and TWO SMOKING FELLAZ was born...

Now, that time seems to be so far and the experience they earned 
during the last ten years, they step up in their carreer and sign up with the new net label SIDEFUNK RECORDINGS as the most valued artist on the record label.
Till now they posted five tracks via Soundcloud inclouding a Chic-style Public Enemy subversion ("Funky Enemy Number One"), Heavy Soul or the last track they released called Funk Yourself with Heavyweight party Funkybreaks filled of sexy horns, wicked scratches and the incomparable talent of Jurassic 5 vocals, all mixed with the badass party rockers of Two Smoking Fellaz.

In December 2015 we released our first EP called "Too Smoked EP" including two top tracks and the last release called "Stoned & Ready"

Maira Gall